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Material Handling Equipments
Air slide
Are used for pneumatic transport of the material from one discharge point to another feeding point. Fluid slides are one of the most economical mode of transport, which need very less maintenance. These are designed with 2 chambers, upper & lover. Upper

chamber is used to carry the material and lover chamber is used to aerate the fabric. Fluid slides consists of special synthetic fabric, high pressure fan and manual butterflyvalues for control of air.
manual cutoff gate
Manual cut off gates are made of M.S. Steel body, consisting of slide plate, stuffing box, spindle and hand wheel / chain pulley. These types of gates are used at the time of maintenance or erection / commissioning.
flow control gate
Flow Control Gates DelhiFlow control gates have a key role in any kinds of plants operations as it is the equipment which gives the feedback about the material passing through the line and controls the flow of the material as per the requirement. Flow control gates are designed and supplied with a provision of 0-100% output flow, which can be set as per the desired output These types of gates are motorised or with pneumatic actuator.
Pneumatic cutoff gate
Pneumatic Cutoff Gates DelhiPlay an important role at the time of power failure These gates are specially designed considering the different aspects of the running operations and as per requirement, they get closed or open quickly at the time of power failure.
Diversion boxes
Junction Box / Diversion Unit is a part of fluid airslide and is useful to turn the fluid slide at 300 degrees Junction boxes are designed with matching inlet & outlet flanges of the fluid slide with airated bottom and air inlet.
Vibrating Screen
Vibrating Screens SuppliersVibrating Screens are installed above bag filling machines and bulk loading stations.  They offer optimum safety against foreign bodies, material rumps and other oversized particles.  Selection of mesh width, wire thickness and screen cloth material is done depending upon the individual requirements.  With impeller type filling machine, screening is normally done at a mesh width of 5 mm square and with air type filling machines and bulk loading plants screening is normally done at a mesh width of 6.3-10 mm square.
Material Handling Conveyors System  
discharge conveyors Spiral chute